Genealogy of the Nau Family

This page contains links to documents that detail the Nau family ancestry.

Nau Genealogy

Nau Genealogy Tree

The NAU Genealogy Tree is a PDF document showing the lineage of the direct ancestors of my branch of the Nau family, going back to Peter Nau of Marburg Germany. Peter's sons Heinrich and Georg emigrated to the United States in the 1830's. This chart shows Nau lineage, as well as spousal lineage where it is known (hyperlinks are inserted in the document).

Note: this document is a work in progress.

Ancestry Doc

Nau Ancestry Document

NAU Ancestry is a PDF document prepared by cousin Steve Stoner (Lucy Stoner Nau's son) and published in November 2000. It is a very detailed description of the Heinrich Nau (patriarchal) branch of the Nau family tree, and includes data on families that are related through marriage.

Note: this document includes an update made by Steve in 2001 as an addendum at the back. Genealogy updates to this document since 2001 that have not yet been incorporated.

GED View

NAU Family GED View

This link points to the web site I'm deploying using GEDCOM. GEDCOM (GEnealogy Data COMmunication) is a specification developed by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) for managing, displaying, and tracking genealogy information. My site uses PhpGedView, an open-source product that has the capability to display GEDCOM-maintained data in a browser, in various formats, to generate reports, display imagery (such as birth certificates, photographs, etc). The advantages of using the GEDCOM standard to maintain your genealogy data are that they allow collaboration among multiple contributors, and they maintain all your data in an on-line repository to minimize the likelihood that information is lost. That said, it's not easy to navigate in PhpGedView, especially if the family tree is large, that's why I have the "simplified" PDF file for reference.

The PhpGedView page currently has three GEDCOM genealogy trees that you can view:

  • Nau Family - this is the my branch of the family, and only has a very small sample of data in it (I'll be adding more as I get a chance).
  • Nau-Dawson-Haase Family - this family tree is a snapshot only based on the site managed by Andrea Edwards. There are some Naus in this tree, although none (apparently) are in my direct line.
  • McCoy-Lauten-Nau-Stegemerten-Waterhoelter Family - this family tree is a snapshot only, based on the site managed by Pat McCoy. There are some Naus in this tree, although none (apparently) are in my direct line.

When you first enter PhpGedView, select the family tree you want by clicking on the Welcome icon. The Charts and Lists menus allow you to look at various family tree segments. Note that there is a Help button to provide some usage assistance. When you're done, use the browser's Back button to return to this page.

The relationship of the Dawson and McCoy families to my direct lineage (through Peter Nau) has not been established. There are many NAUs that emigrated from the same area of the Rhineland in Germany in the 16th through 19th century; we speculate that there may be a link amongst the various families, and research in this area is continuing - stay tuned.

Details on GEDCOMs can be found on the web.